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Gamers can now enjoy their video games like never before!

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the gaming world!  While it could take a few more years to really reach the ultimate gaming experience—this initial technology is turning heads and creating a buzz.  Gamers are hype to try out these headsets that are now available through “Game Stop” and many other retail giants!  Apparently, the 3-dimensional experience just can’t be beat, and there’s just nothing like it out there!  Better yet, these initial headsets are very affordable, especially if gamers go with the Oculus Rift, which is coming in at about $500.00 retail price.  And you better believe Sony isn’t being left behind either.

Sony Works to Make the Biggest Game Names More Thrilling

Does VR need to be fine-tuned and tweaked?  Of course, any new technology needs tested and reworked.  However, if gamers can trust anyone for the soon-to-be best, they can trust Sony!  While the initial emergence of Sony’s VR headset was a bit of a letdown—behind the scenes experts are working to get it right for 2017 and beyond.  Yes, the current headset is clean and comfortable.  Many gamers find it totally acceptable too, but it can be better!  Currently it isn’t running on the highest resolution possible so visuals can be a bit muddled, but still amazing just the same!  Also, the frames per second minimize the risks of nausea for gamers. The previous jagged movements and lagging are being corrected.

While there are variable gaming performance issues, the immersion experience itself is definitely something gamers are enjoying fully.  Let’s not forget there are a variety of competitors that gamers can choose from outside of Sony itself.  For instance, the Oculus Rift (which was mentioned previously) has more games that run well and which offers a rewarding experience.  Still, this unit has it’s hang ups too—such as with its limited head motion movement capability.  With so many VR headsets out on the market now, it’s certainly wise to know which ones might be worth purchasing and which to stay away from!  Continue reading below to learn more.




The Best VR Gaming Headsets for 2017

These are listed from the most popular to the list favorite.  You’ll find that these advanced devices are having an impact on gaming technology!

  1. Occulus Rift: This is the VR headset that practically started it all!  Coming in at 233 million pixels per second, the visuals are currently surpassing that of Sony’s VR device. 
  2. HTC Vive: This one offers some great exploration and experimentation when it comes to VR gaming!  The head tracking offers 360-degree movement to enhance the experience and over 70 sensors for a full, immersive gaming experience.
  3. Sony VR: While it’s coming in 3rd, this headset still awards a gamer an exciting experience.  There are many advancements to be had with this one, and most believe Sony will be going fairly big with its transformation for E3 in 2017.
  4. Samsung Gear VR: This one is right up there with Sony, and has been tweaked numerous times.  The visuals have been enhanced, and the previous annoyances with the lens view have been improved upon.  The viewing angle is now at a full 101 degrees, broadening the visuals for gamers.
  5. Fove O: A very creative and diverse VR headset, and far different from the Oculus Rift or Sony’s VR headset.  This one tracks eye movements, versus head movements.  It uses infrared technology as well, something many gamers feel is very competitive to say the least!  The realism that can be gained beats out competitors.
  6. Microsoft Holo Lens: This unit is considered one of the most ideal, and using Kinect technology to operate.  Further, it functions on Windows 10 and gamers find the VR is seamless and enjoyable.  Users have the freedom to move about when they are wearing this gear, possibly heightening the almost real world experience.
Of course, there are more headsets out there and many have their own opinion on which are the most favored and which operate the best as well.  This list should give you some ideas on what to expect and which devices are going to meet your expectations fully.  In the end, it really is a matter of gaming opinion!


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