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We all love being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, swimming or just leisure fun—there’s nothing quite like it!  And now there is distinctive tech gear that functions wonderfully in the great outdoors!  Take for instance, your smart phone!  This little savvy device can keep you from getting lost (if you have a battery charge, and hopefully a reserve).  The built-in GPS (maps app) within the smart iPhone works amazingly well.  Long gone are the days where you might have relied on your own intuition, or a compass.  No, smart phones keep you on the beaten path, and even if you fray far from it they can get you right back where you belong again. 


The bottom line is, modern advancements have led to improvements in old gear and pioneered the newest tech gear today.  Everything is much different from what it was a decade ago!  Now, the gear you choose depends upon what activity you’ll be engaging in too.  However, there are Universal items (such as a smart phone) that will work just about anywhere and be the ultimate asset too!  Let’s look at some other amazing ways tech gear such as a Smart phone can bring to outdoor enthusiasts.

Your Smartphone Can Be Your Best Tech Gear in the Outdoors


It’s amazing how this one device can be used for multiple tasks.  We do want to mention, since smartphones are easily breakable, make certain you have a rugged case on yours when you go on your next adventure!  It isn’t going to be very helpful if it is shattered—is it? So, moving forward now—we’re going to target just how essential a little smart device like this is when you’re out and about in nature.

  1. Say you only plan on a day hike, but somehow you go a little further than you intended; and you’d thought you could get back to your car before nightfall. Nothing is scarier than being in the woods at night with no light.  Your smart phone comes with a built-in flashlight.  This is often brighter than a traditional torch is, and can certainly lead you back to safety.
  2. Your smart phone probably comes with an amazing built in HD camera as well—most do! The image quality is amazing on some of these.  Don’t believe us?  Just do a quick peek at the Samsung7. Your images in the outdoors can be surreal.  While a digital camera is still an option, consider what you already have on hand too.
  3. Your smart phone is also an emergency device. If you get lost because you step away from the trail (or for any reason) most have a built-in tracking system.  You simply must push a button to activate the app.  Some smart phones can automatically call 911, much like On Star can inside a vehicle.  Technology is really progressing at an amazing rate!

Some of the top 5 smart phones to have when on those amazing hikes (or when away from the city in general) are listed below:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active
  • Motorola Droid Turbo 2
  • Yezz Sefera
  • Spot Global Phone
  • NEC Terrain



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