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Mountain biking is more than exciting, but when you do go off-road biking you must make sure you carry all the proper biking gear, just in case of an emergency.  One of the most critical gear items you need would be the proper tote or duffle bag!  You must have a place to safely store all the tech gear you need (and then some) so making certain the proper duffle is included is of great importance.  So, just to start this off right, what characteristics should a mountain bikers bag definitely have?  It’s not always about a name brand either, so outdoor enthusiasts should certainly keep this in mind.  The Rider’s duffle features:

  • A rugged and durable craftsmanship
  • Easily attached to a mountain bike
  • Roomy, but has pockets to keep items well organized
  • Water resistant
  • Perfect for all weather environments
  • Ample storage capacity
  • And more

Of course, you need more than just your biker’s duffle, that’s a given.  Let’s delve a little deeper so all corners are covered here!  You want this mountain bike journey to be as fun and as enjoyable as possible!

When Your Next Ride Takes You Further into the Great Beyond:  Don’t Forget Biking Gear You Need

Some of the gear a bicyclist needs are common sense, right?  A bike helmet, for instance, is something that anyone mountain biking should always be wearing!  Also, the importance of a sturdy water bottle is a necessity, just as having a snack bag is.  You don’t want to over pack, but you don’t want to under pack either—especially if you’re on an overnight trip.  So, to keep your mountain bike dependable and yourself safe, listed below are all the necessities a biker should make sure they carry on an extended mountain bike trips! 

  1. Bib Shorts—which are essential for a bicyclist when you’re going on a trip longer than 3 or 4 hours. These can be worn under light weight clothing and they certainly work to prevent chaffing.  There are a variety of affordable options, but remember you do get what you pay for.
  2. Bike Cleaner—You want a biodegradable cleaner to avoid any environmental hazards. You need to take care of your equipment so you can have longevity with it.  Cleansing your bike from mud and grime on the trail is important for it to work optimally!  Never hurts to be prepared.
  3. Tire Pump—We’ve all been there, you hit a stump on the trail and you lose tire pressure. What would you do without a good grade tire pump?  You’ve been stranded more than likely.  So, never forget this trusted tech tool!  Muc-off is a great product and works instantly.
  4. Multi-tool with Chain Breaker—This is certainly one of the most critical of tools you need when mountain biking. It is recommended you do practice how to use this specific tool before venturing out for the first time.  But, remember, without this handy item you could find yourself seriously stranded and hoofing it back to your vehicle from miles away!
  5. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge—You always want to have the right tire pressure, especially riding off road. Just a slight over pressure can lead to a puncture or tear within your tire. Make sure the one you purchase can detect and read low pressure.  Most tires set at 20 to 35 psi. 

Mountain biking can be a great deal of fun and award amazing adventures, but it is also a dangerous sport as well.  With ill preparedness comes accidents, so you want to learn as much as possible and be prepared before heading out on your first expedition!  The previous mentioned gear is just enough to get you started on your new hobby!  Choose your bike, as well as your gear to fit you, as an individual—in this respect you’ll never be let down!


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