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Whether outside camping, by the pool or getting ready for a game with friends, the TRAKK Glow is your perfect digital companion speakers to get the party started.  Equipped with all the colors, bells, & whistles this device rocks in so many different ways!  Check out the Specs:

  • Weatherproof APP Enabled Bluetooth Speaker Designed for the activities. TRAKK GLOW allows you to easily have an external and internal speaker sharing the latest Bluetooth Streaming Technology, with Brilliant LED lighting.
  • The TRAKK GLOW is IPX5 Rated Waterproof which provides protection from water jets and splashing of water with no harm done to the Glow. POWER BANK INCLUDED Go for a late night Swim with your APP enabled Glow. Protected from Water and Light!
  • APP ENABLED LED LIGHT - Download the TRAKK GLOW app and enjoy the Bright Lighting of your choice. You can use The APP's preset light functions or you can customize based on your liking or activity. - The TRAKK GLOW features an integrated audio Equalizer. You can select your desired sound mode for a selection of: Pop, Rock, Classical, Disco, Jazz or Theater.
  • TRAKK GLOW features a Color Scan, Insect Light, AUTO Sleep Timer, or you can customize your own light according to your desires or adventures! The Color Scan Mode constantly changes the light color through the Color Spectrum which is included in the APP. Slide the speed control to suit your current mood! Enjoy parting or relaxing, That's your choice!
  • The Insect Light Mode helps keep insects away from you when needed or wanted! This function has been tested and proven!
  • The Auto Sleep feature allows you to completely power off your speaker light after a predetermined period of time that you select! This is a fantastic security function as well as being useful if someone is using the TRAKK GLOW to sleep assistance!
  • SOS Function allows you to send SOS signal via LED light at periods of an emergency!

The TRAKK Glow is a plug-in 3.5 stereo audio interface suitable for MP3, MP4, computer, mobile phone and external sources. The speaker comes with USB charging line and has a long life and Specialized Lithium battery support 5.5 hours continuously.

Combines MUSIC and LIGHT Elements!

The TRAKK Glow is great as a night light or music lamp, when sleeping, the warm and soft lighting protects your eyes from harm! It is perfect for camping, combining a lamp and music. This speaker also has a timing function, so you can fall asleep with your choice of lullaby or crash out music.

Waterproof / Dustproof / Shockproof / Stain Resistant

Experience the TRAKK Glow anywhere and don't be afraid to rough it up a bit! Bring your powerful speakers poolside and create an epic pool party soundtrack day or night. This speaker can go camping with you or stay at home and turn your basement into a dance party!

Let the party flow with the TRAKK Glow! See more features here at:  Amazon or our Home Store Page.


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