• High Tech Outdoor Gear Campers Just Can't Be Without

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    So, you’re planning that next big adventure for 2017?  As you’re planning this excursion you want to take the time to collect all the necessary gear and other equipment you’ll need to make sure you’re not left out in the cold with your pants down!  With all the latest 2017 high tech gear cropping up, you’re going to be more prepared than ever before, but you don’t want to take away from that real adventure either.  Don’t make your next camping trip so comfortable you fail to appreciate all your hard work hiking up that trailhead!  We believe the luxuries of home (like running water, a cozy bed, etc.) should be left right where they belong—at home! 

    What do you really need when you’re out there in that big, beautiful beyond?  Let’s take a look!

    The Right Gear at the Right Time Keeps Your Adventure Exhilarating

    We aren’t looking to sissify anyone, but we do want to ensure campers, hikers, runners and other sports enthusiasts have exactly what they need to ensure a grand adventure when in the outdoors.  You don’t want to much comfort, because that takes away from the natural experience—but every outdoors fan needs dependable necessities!  When you’re hiking the Swiss Alps, you don’t want to diminish that white-knuckle experience, do you?  But, you must be prepared so we are going to point you to what outdoor gear seems to be going viral right now in 2017. 

    Just some of the high-tech tools you don’t want to find yourself without are those such as:

    • Reliable items to document data and store safely
    • Tools to keep that flashlight charged (because who likes the dark anyway)
    • Tools to keep you stocked in fresh, clean water
    • GPS to ensure you don’t get lost if you venture off trail And more


    You’ll Never Go Adventuring Again Without These Amazing Tech Tools By Your Side

    So, you want to be prepared, absolutely!  The following listed gear will improve upon your next outdoor adventure immensely! 

    1. Solar lanterns are becoming the best illuminators nowadays. Because these are solar, they don’t need batteries changed and the sun charges them each day!  They’re inexpensive and can illuminate approximately 15 square feet.
    2. Filtration water bottles, such as Camelbak come in pretty handy when you’re out in the wilderness with a limited supply of bottled water. Just fill the bottle with dirty water and shake it up.  The UV cap purifies the water and makes certain it’s safe to drink. These are on the pricey side, but well worth it.
    3. What about a hand coffee press that is portable? Yes, coffee enthusiasts can now enjoy coffee on every backpacking adventure they undertake.  It’s small and easy to tote!  There are multiple brands available to choose from.
    4. Now you never should be worried about being lost in the woods again when you can have a lightweight, smart headlamp like the PETZL NAO guiding your way. It provides just the right amount of light to allow you to read maps and review other collected data on the move.
    5. A water proof jacket, sleeping bag and tent would be the full package convenience for backpackers and these are available! Costs are going to vary, according to what you get—but remember, you get what you pay for!  The jakpak is on the upper end cost wise, but the quality offers long term satisfaction!
    6. Sony digital recording binoculars is the last item on our list here today and these are absolutely amazing! When you want to see far away and also record scenery you’ll never see from the road—these are the ones!  They’re rugged, durable and actually come in a 3D mode.  Of course they are expensive, but isn’t your adventure worth all of that and more?

    These amazing outdoor tech gadgets are just some of the items 2017 is bringing to outdoor folks.  You’ll have everything you need and then some!  When packing for that next amazing backpack venture, don’t leave anything to chance! 


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  • Redefining Essential Outdoor Gear!

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    Remember the first time you actually camped out?  Not the backyard of your parents type of camp, but on your own in the actual wilderness with a friend or two?  If you are similar to me, you most likely remember what you lacked or needed.  You forgot things that were needed:  raincoat, bait, enough ice or firewood, rope, enough food, even matches or a lighter.  Sound familiar? 

    Simple necessities were deemed so important basic Maslow stuff food, clothing and/or shelter items were most likely needed for the camp out to be a success.  Cold beanie weanies and leftovers aint no picnic!  Neither is being soaked overnight in wet clothes.  And the ever popular getting lost while hiking! Ah yes, fond adolescent camping memories! 

    Now, all of this has changed due to the digital revolution constituting a proverbial camping paradigm shift!  Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Campers would not be caught dead without their smartphones to take pictures, share and post.  Most hikers have GPS and the fish finders have devices to find fish with LORAN and other co-ordinate maps.  Activities like Geocaching have found many whom are interested in mapping type searches and even the faddish hit Pokémon Go is a sort of digital blend between hiking-exploring and playing a game. 

    The fact is we take our digi-stuff with us now wherever we go, including camping!  Combining the efforts makes much more sense which is exactly what TRAKK is doing.  TRAKK upgrades the outdoor experience with essential gear.  Now you can charge up all your digital stuff and gadgetry with your backpack while being outside as well as broadcast tunes to highlight and augment the outdoor experience.

    At TRAKK, we believe that you should have quality products that will last on life's adventures.  Rugged, well-designed, stylish and very practical, we wish you to have the digital luxuries of home included with you in your adventures. TRAKK is helping to redefine essential outdoor gear! 

    We match your lifestyle with high technology.  Our gear is designed with your outdoor spirit in mind. Browse and shop our line of gear here at our website or at Amazon here.  We are certain you will find an appealing TRAKK product for your own use or will serve as a special and valued gift to family and/or friends.  Don’t be caught without your essential outdoor gear!

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