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My home office is perfect and I needed the best set up for music in my arrangements.  For entertaining clients, I have the perfect music for my business which plays during meetings.  I did not want bulky components cluttering up the space in my office or a tacky boom box, so I decided on the TRAKK CEO which is elegant, stylish and so accommodating for those who treasure a quality musical device which fits right in to the office ambience. 

Background music is essential for the business I am in, and speakers which dont call attention to themselves is perfect for the business arrangements in my home office.  As soon as I saw the TRAKK CEO on Amazon, I fell in love with the aesthetics and knew I had to have it to perfect my home office atmosphere!  Just check out the specifications:

  • Impressive rich audio and strong maxbass technology delivered through 6w dual drivers
  • Magnificent body, 5200mah battery delivers power bank and long 24-hour playtime
  • Long distance nfc Bluetooth 4.0 Technology + auto connect memory
  • Battery status LED indicator provided, HD noise reduction technology
  • 5Mm audio cable, USB cable, travel bag included
The TRAKK CEO in its elegance and functionality maintains clarity and frequency at every pitch.  The TRAKK CEO Portable Bluetooth speaker is sophistication at its finest – exactly what I needed for the home office.  The CEO was created for the highest standards desired. The name says it all. This magnificent beauty will pair with your iPhone or tablet and sounds so sweet!  The speaker system is available in silver or gold, with its rugged construction, and is quite impressive in its compactness, functionality and elegance.  If perfection of an atmosphere for entertaining clients is tops on your list, the TRAKK CEO is for you!


  • Posted On December 12, 2020 by Donfime

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  • Posted On November 03, 2019 by Johan

    Hi there, do you have a troubleshooter for this thing? I’ve been using it for a few years without trouble, but all of a sudden it stopped working (when unplugged). Two lights are on when plugged in and one is blinking, but I have no idea what it means…

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