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This is a high quality speaker that has LOTS of features. This does not skimp on sound quality and durability. The sound quality of the speaker is GREAT and it's crisp and clear - there is no static or lagging. The outside has a rubber exterior surrounding the top, bottom and sides. The speaker is protected by a very tough aluminum. Very clear sound while getting incredibly loud . . .

  • They call me Mema – 23, 2016

This is the perfect rugged bluetooth speaker for active people. I have previously purchased other bluetooth speakers some with multicolored light shows etc. They looked cool but skimped on sound and durability. This little guy has a modest rugged appearance but does not skimp on sound quality and durability. I was able to pair this device right out of the box to both by mac book pro and iPhone.

  • Day dreamer - September 10, 2016


Great Bag when Outdoors! Let me start off by saying this bag is amazing! So much room, water resistant, a light to be easily seen in the dark, and so many pockets for storage. The material is all very high quality and durable, and for an added bonus there is a usb port accessible outside the bag to charge your portable electronics! I would highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a great outdoors bag.

  • Adam Ton - October 4, 2016

I love this backpack. I walk a lot so having the light on the back is great. It has tons of room. When I have my laptop in there I feel that it is pretty protected. Made from good quality materials and even with the light is still a lightweight backpack.

  • Ariel Crafton - October 3, 2016


This backpack is a party in a bag! I hooked up my phone to via blue tooth and when the sound came through the speakers I was blown away. The sound quality is super clean and this tiny bag BUMPS!! You can literally feel the bass. The LED light display on the speakers that changes with the tempo of your music is super cool.

  • Sabella Bybee - September 20, 2016

This backpack is so awesome. It has a hard shell front that houses the speakers that produces awesome sound with just the right amount of base. There is a USB port for charging your devices on the go. The hard shell is rugged to test I dropped it and still producing great sound.

  • anita - September 4, 2016


This speaker is so amazing. It is kind of small but the sound that comes out of this is so great! It’s so loud and the sound quality is amazing. Some speakers the higher you turn it up the more muffled it sounds. This doesn’t have any muffled sounds and is so easy to use.

  • Elaine Lister - September 18, 2016

I am absolutely loving this speaker and couldn't be happier with it! The first thing I want to talk about is the battery life of this speaker, I have been using it for days and have not had to recharge it even once. Another thing I want to point out about this speaker is the sound quality, it has such an impressive sound quality no matter the sound or song that's playing I have yet to hear any muffled sounds or static.

  • Rebecca Michel - October 1, 2016


Awesome backpack! With everything you carry with you now a days needing charged multiple times per day, this TRAKK Fuel New Model Durable Power Bank USB Enabled RFID Anti Theft Technology Waterproof Universal Backpack is perfect for this time period! One thing I can say about this backpack, it has MANY zippers and storage spots for you to keep your items secure. I can also say, this is the most advanced backpack I have ever seen, with multiple charging cords, and other charging ports throughout the backpack.

  • By Marie - October 2, 2016 

Amazingly Amazing backpack! If you love to travel around and don't want to have to worry about having power for your gadgets, then this is the backpack for you. Super comfortable and light weight. The internal powerbank is a huge necessity nowadays especially when traveling and you're nowhere near an outlet

  • Wallace - September 30, 2016


The Best Blue Speaker You Could Ever Own - This Thing Puts the Awe in AWESOME! TLDR - Best Outdoor Speaker You can buy. Hands Down - No Contest.

  • Kelly Hysellon - September 12, 2016

After testing this speaker mounts nice and tight to every single angle of the bike.  I bought this speaker to mount to my bike when adventure biking. After testing this speaker mounts nice and tight to every single angle of the bike. The sound is extremely loud and clear. I have purchased speakers at 25w and this one seems way louder and absolutely full of clear bass. I have tested the waterproof function and it defintely is splash proof and waterproof.

  • Anonymous - July 5, 2016


My new purse!!  I have been carrying this book bag around for the past week. I do not use a purse and I just usually grab one of the little free tote bags I have laying around the house when I need something to hold my stuff. I was given the chance to order this bag at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Shannon Sanderson - September 28, 2016

Great Backpack with built in power bank.  I was so excited to get this backpack in the mail. I always carry a portable charger with me in my purse, but it was nice to be able to have one already included and attached in a backpack. The backpack came just in time for me to take in on my trip home to my sister’s wedding. I was concerned the backpack would not be spacious enough, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Amy Byrdon - September 28, 2016 


Excellent. Portable, and Durable speaker!  There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers in my home. We love listening to music while we clean, etc so there is one in almost every room. We even have a few for the kids to use. We are always eager to try new Bluetooth speakers because not all of them are exactly the same. Some have way more features than others.

  • Shakita Pendletonon - September 24, 2016

Great Sound! A Must Have!  We have several Bluetooth speakers at our house. My husband is the only person in the household without one. So, I ordered the TRAKK Harmony Bluetooth Speaker with Power Bank for him. I was so surprised when I opened it and realized how large it was, 8.3 x 1.9 x 5 inches. When my husband began playing around with it, we realized how much power this speaker has. It is very loud!, and the sound quality is great!

  • Abby Ruizon - September 16, 2016


The pleasure of a 20-watt speaker was like none other!  This speaker was first purchased as a safety option for camping. My family and I needed a product that can do multiple things. The pleasure of a 20 watt speaker was like none other. This speaker is extremely powerful yet clear as the air on a summer day. The most amazing surprise was that there is an included USB output power pack included on the glow! I was able to stay charged up my entire 2-day adventure without missing any pictures and tunes with my children.

The app TRAKK-GLOW was extremely user friendly and helped support every period of our adventure. the preset lighting for insect was super awesome! within moments insects were gone! my children enjoyed this app more than myself. They were rocking out to their favorite songs and watching the light switch according to the tunes. Another Amazing feature. WATERPROOF! this thing was able to handle waterfalls of water coming down without any issues.

I was a bit skeptical when purchasing the trakk glow because of the price point but wow I am satisfied. For under $200 you receive a powerful Bluetooth speaker, an app full of amazing LED bright lighting syncing with your music, an included power bank, and most of all a not only fun but extremely safe speaker to bring along your adventures. I give this speaker a 5-star rating at that price point!

  • Anonymous - July 25, 2016


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