• What Headphones Are Best For Runners?

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    Runners invest a great deal of time and effort into their ability to get out and run. For most runners, having the right tech gear is everything, whether this is a brand new phone cover or the best headphones. It's true that more and more runners are looking for advanced gear headphones totally wireless, with blue-tooth capability. Of course, everyone has their favorite tech head gear, but the fact remains--runners need balanced frequencies to keep them in sync with their running workout.

    Not many runners want to deal with any minor annoyances, such as having to adjust volume when the button control is not easy to access. So, the best headphones for runners would have seamless technology that is user friendly and easy to access no matter where one might be. And when we say seamless, we really do mean it. Technology has advanced quite a bit, and if sports enthusiasts didn't notice--wireless earbuds are beginning to be created free from wires all together! But there are other qualities that should be discussed as well. 

    The Best Features of Runner Headphones in 2017

     tech gear headphones

    From top grade battery life to having multiple features more advanced, to something as simple as design that will ensure the ear buds stay in place--runners don't expect extravagance, but they do expect strong design and good quality features. For instance, headphones in 2017 for runners should be designed with durability in mind, but they should not be lackluster either. They should also be focused on sports activity for usage. From shape and sound quality--runners want to be able to tune into their workout and block out interfering sounds. So, a headset that has high quality audio with the ability to cancel out irritating noise is a plus. 

    Runners also want ultra-light equipment and they want guaranteed comfort. Of course, they also expect longevity if they're paying for high end headphones. Runners expect to be able to take their headphones anywhere too, no matter the design of them. If they are going on an outdoor hiking/running adventure off the beaten path, the headphones technology should be able to keep up. The following listed features are some of the most important anyone in intense sports wants today:

    • Sweat-proof
    • Comfort
    • Noise cancellation
    • High grade audio 
    • Bluetooth technology

    Music often powers runners and encourages them to keep going. In this respect, if a runner is using earbuds, they certainly don't want these bouncing out of their ears during high impact running. This is why design and custom features are so important. For instance, how well the playtime lasts is critical to ensuring consumer satisfaction. Bluetooth capability is as well, and most outdoors and sports folks are looking for items that can be connected with not just newer model technology, but that which might be a few years old as well. (Not everyone can afford a new iPhone every year, etc)

    Never Forget The Importance of Playtime aka Battery Life and Connectivity

    There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a workout, or run and your service just cuts out. Battery life of a device is extremely important, so most consumers want something that is known to provide more than just a 12 hour lifespan. Further, many shoppers would love to have access to tech gear that helps keep their devices charged perfectly too! Tech gear that is advanced has the capability of actually extending pairable devices battery strength up to 120%--a real life saver for those runners who are training for their next marathon and depend upon their music to keep them upbeat.

    Just remember, when you're out there shopping for new headphones or earbuds, don't be blinded by names. Some of the best quality tech gear comes from unknowns. In fact, the newest, most high definition features seem to be launched from new manufacturer's and are often better than those name brands! Every runner has an idea of what suits them best, because everyone is different. If you're going to be running cross country you might want a longer battery life, while someone running for pure leisure might not be as interested in this feature. There are many options out there and there is certainly something to fit anyone and everyone. 

    The best earbuds which are proven to give the most long-term satisfaction do always guarantee the user:

    • wireless freedom
    • lightweight, comfortable design
    • dependable blue-tooth technology
    • compatibility with multiple devices
    • affordability




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  • Discover What Biking Gear You Need When Going Off-Road Biking

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    Mountain biking is more than exciting, but when you do go off-road biking you must make sure you carry all the proper biking gear, just in case of an emergency.  One of the most critical gear items you need would be the proper tote or duffle bag!  You must have a place to safely store all the tech gear you need (and then some) so making certain the proper duffle is included is of great importance.  So, just to start this off right, what characteristics should a mountain bikers bag definitely have?  It’s not always about a name brand either, so outdoor enthusiasts should certainly keep this in mind.  The Rider’s duffle features:

    • A rugged and durable craftsmanship
    • Easily attached to a mountain bike
    • Roomy, but has pockets to keep items well organized
    • Water resistant
    • Perfect for all weather environments
    • Ample storage capacity
    • And more

    Of course, you need more than just your biker’s duffle, that’s a given.  Let’s delve a little deeper so all corners are covered here!  You want this mountain bike journey to be as fun and as enjoyable as possible!

    When Your Next Ride Takes You Further into the Great Beyond:  Don’t Forget Biking Gear You Need

    Some of the gear a bicyclist needs are common sense, right?  A bike helmet, for instance, is something that anyone mountain biking should always be wearing!  Also, the importance of a sturdy water bottle is a necessity, just as having a snack bag is.  You don’t want to over pack, but you don’t want to under pack either—especially if you’re on an overnight trip.  So, to keep your mountain bike dependable and yourself safe, listed below are all the necessities a biker should make sure they carry on an extended mountain bike trips! 

    1. Bib Shorts—which are essential for a bicyclist when you’re going on a trip longer than 3 or 4 hours. These can be worn under light weight clothing and they certainly work to prevent chaffing.  There are a variety of affordable options, but remember you do get what you pay for.
    2. Bike Cleaner—You want a biodegradable cleaner to avoid any environmental hazards. You need to take care of your equipment so you can have longevity with it.  Cleansing your bike from mud and grime on the trail is important for it to work optimally!  Never hurts to be prepared.
    3. Tire Pump—We’ve all been there, you hit a stump on the trail and you lose tire pressure. What would you do without a good grade tire pump?  You’ve been stranded more than likely.  So, never forget this trusted tech tool!  Muc-off is a great product and works instantly.
    4. Multi-tool with Chain Breaker—This is certainly one of the most critical of tools you need when mountain biking. It is recommended you do practice how to use this specific tool before venturing out for the first time.  But, remember, without this handy item you could find yourself seriously stranded and hoofing it back to your vehicle from miles away!
    5. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge—You always want to have the right tire pressure, especially riding off road. Just a slight over pressure can lead to a puncture or tear within your tire. Make sure the one you purchase can detect and read low pressure.  Most tires set at 20 to 35 psi. 

    Mountain biking can be a great deal of fun and award amazing adventures, but it is also a dangerous sport as well.  With ill preparedness comes accidents, so you want to learn as much as possible and be prepared before heading out on your first expedition!  The previous mentioned gear is just enough to get you started on your new hobby!  Choose your bike, as well as your gear to fit you, as an individual—in this respect you’ll never be let down!

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  • High Tech Outdoor Gear Campers Just Can't Be Without

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    So, you’re planning that next big adventure for 2017?  As you’re planning this excursion you want to take the time to collect all the necessary gear and other equipment you’ll need to make sure you’re not left out in the cold with your pants down!  With all the latest 2017 high tech gear cropping up, you’re going to be more prepared than ever before, but you don’t want to take away from that real adventure either.  Don’t make your next camping trip so comfortable you fail to appreciate all your hard work hiking up that trailhead!  We believe the luxuries of home (like running water, a cozy bed, etc.) should be left right where they belong—at home! 

    What do you really need when you’re out there in that big, beautiful beyond?  Let’s take a look!

    The Right Gear at the Right Time Keeps Your Adventure Exhilarating

    We aren’t looking to sissify anyone, but we do want to ensure campers, hikers, runners and other sports enthusiasts have exactly what they need to ensure a grand adventure when in the outdoors.  You don’t want to much comfort, because that takes away from the natural experience—but every outdoors fan needs dependable necessities!  When you’re hiking the Swiss Alps, you don’t want to diminish that white-knuckle experience, do you?  But, you must be prepared so we are going to point you to what outdoor gear seems to be going viral right now in 2017. 

    Just some of the high-tech tools you don’t want to find yourself without are those such as:

    • Reliable items to document data and store safely
    • Tools to keep that flashlight charged (because who likes the dark anyway)
    • Tools to keep you stocked in fresh, clean water
    • GPS to ensure you don’t get lost if you venture off trail And more


    You’ll Never Go Adventuring Again Without These Amazing Tech Tools By Your Side

    So, you want to be prepared, absolutely!  The following listed gear will improve upon your next outdoor adventure immensely! 

    1. Solar lanterns are becoming the best illuminators nowadays. Because these are solar, they don’t need batteries changed and the sun charges them each day!  They’re inexpensive and can illuminate approximately 15 square feet.
    2. Filtration water bottles, such as Camelbak come in pretty handy when you’re out in the wilderness with a limited supply of bottled water. Just fill the bottle with dirty water and shake it up.  The UV cap purifies the water and makes certain it’s safe to drink. These are on the pricey side, but well worth it.
    3. What about a hand coffee press that is portable? Yes, coffee enthusiasts can now enjoy coffee on every backpacking adventure they undertake.  It’s small and easy to tote!  There are multiple brands available to choose from.
    4. Now you never should be worried about being lost in the woods again when you can have a lightweight, smart headlamp like the PETZL NAO guiding your way. It provides just the right amount of light to allow you to read maps and review other collected data on the move.
    5. A water proof jacket, sleeping bag and tent would be the full package convenience for backpackers and these are available! Costs are going to vary, according to what you get—but remember, you get what you pay for!  The jakpak is on the upper end cost wise, but the quality offers long term satisfaction!
    6. Sony digital recording binoculars is the last item on our list here today and these are absolutely amazing! When you want to see far away and also record scenery you’ll never see from the road—these are the ones!  They’re rugged, durable and actually come in a 3D mode.  Of course they are expensive, but isn’t your adventure worth all of that and more?

    These amazing outdoor tech gadgets are just some of the items 2017 is bringing to outdoor folks.  You’ll have everything you need and then some!  When packing for that next amazing backpack venture, don’t leave anything to chance! 


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  • Discover Tech Gear Perfect for the Great Outdoors

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    We all love being outdoors, whether it’s hiking, biking, swimming or just leisure fun—there’s nothing quite like it!  And now there is distinctive tech gear that functions wonderfully in the great outdoors!  Take for instance, your smart phone!  This little savvy device can keep you from getting lost (if you have a battery charge, and hopefully a reserve).  The built-in GPS (maps app) within the smart iPhone works amazingly well.  Long gone are the days where you might have relied on your own intuition, or a compass.  No, smart phones keep you on the beaten path, and even if you fray far from it they can get you right back where you belong again. 


    The bottom line is, modern advancements have led to improvements in old gear and pioneered the newest tech gear today.  Everything is much different from what it was a decade ago!  Now, the gear you choose depends upon what activity you’ll be engaging in too.  However, there are Universal items (such as a smart phone) that will work just about anywhere and be the ultimate asset too!  Let’s look at some other amazing ways tech gear such as a Smart phone can bring to outdoor enthusiasts.

    Your Smartphone Can Be Your Best Tech Gear in the Outdoors


    It’s amazing how this one device can be used for multiple tasks.  We do want to mention, since smartphones are easily breakable, make certain you have a rugged case on yours when you go on your next adventure!  It isn’t going to be very helpful if it is shattered—is it? So, moving forward now—we’re going to target just how essential a little smart device like this is when you’re out and about in nature.

    1. Say you only plan on a day hike, but somehow you go a little further than you intended; and you’d thought you could get back to your car before nightfall. Nothing is scarier than being in the woods at night with no light.  Your smart phone comes with a built-in flashlight.  This is often brighter than a traditional torch is, and can certainly lead you back to safety.
    2. Your smart phone probably comes with an amazing built in HD camera as well—most do! The image quality is amazing on some of these.  Don’t believe us?  Just do a quick peek at the Samsung7. Your images in the outdoors can be surreal.  While a digital camera is still an option, consider what you already have on hand too.
    3. Your smart phone is also an emergency device. If you get lost because you step away from the trail (or for any reason) most have a built-in tracking system.  You simply must push a button to activate the app.  Some smart phones can automatically call 911, much like On Star can inside a vehicle.  Technology is really progressing at an amazing rate!

    Some of the top 5 smart phones to have when on those amazing hikes (or when away from the city in general) are listed below:

    • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active
    • Motorola Droid Turbo 2
    • Yezz Sefera
    • Spot Global Phone
    • NEC Terrain


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  • Become a Real Part of the Gaming Experience Through Virtual Reality Gaming!

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    Gamers can now enjoy their video games like never before!

    Virtual reality is revolutionizing the gaming world!  While it could take a few more years to really reach the ultimate gaming experience—this initial technology is turning heads and creating a buzz.  Gamers are hype to try out these headsets that are now available through “Game Stop” and many other retail giants!  Apparently, the 3-dimensional experience just can’t be beat, and there’s just nothing like it out there!  Better yet, these initial headsets are very affordable, especially if gamers go with the Oculus Rift, which is coming in at about $500.00 retail price.  And you better believe Sony isn’t being left behind either.

    Sony Works to Make the Biggest Game Names More Thrilling

    Does VR need to be fine-tuned and tweaked?  Of course, any new technology needs tested and reworked.  However, if gamers can trust anyone for the soon-to-be best, they can trust Sony!  While the initial emergence of Sony’s VR headset was a bit of a letdown—behind the scenes experts are working to get it right for 2017 and beyond.  Yes, the current headset is clean and comfortable.  Many gamers find it totally acceptable too, but it can be better!  Currently it isn’t running on the highest resolution possible so visuals can be a bit muddled, but still amazing just the same!  Also, the frames per second minimize the risks of nausea for gamers. The previous jagged movements and lagging are being corrected.

    While there are variable gaming performance issues, the immersion experience itself is definitely something gamers are enjoying fully.  Let’s not forget there are a variety of competitors that gamers can choose from outside of Sony itself.  For instance, the Oculus Rift (which was mentioned previously) has more games that run well and which offers a rewarding experience.  Still, this unit has it’s hang ups too—such as with its limited head motion movement capability.  With so many VR headsets out on the market now, it’s certainly wise to know which ones might be worth purchasing and which to stay away from!  Continue reading below to learn more.




    The Best VR Gaming Headsets for 2017

    These are listed from the most popular to the list favorite.  You’ll find that these advanced devices are having an impact on gaming technology!

    1. Occulus Rift: This is the VR headset that practically started it all!  Coming in at 233 million pixels per second, the visuals are currently surpassing that of Sony’s VR device. 
    2. HTC Vive: This one offers some great exploration and experimentation when it comes to VR gaming!  The head tracking offers 360-degree movement to enhance the experience and over 70 sensors for a full, immersive gaming experience.
    3. Sony VR: While it’s coming in 3rd, this headset still awards a gamer an exciting experience.  There are many advancements to be had with this one, and most believe Sony will be going fairly big with its transformation for E3 in 2017.
    4. Samsung Gear VR: This one is right up there with Sony, and has been tweaked numerous times.  The visuals have been enhanced, and the previous annoyances with the lens view have been improved upon.  The viewing angle is now at a full 101 degrees, broadening the visuals for gamers.
    5. Fove O: A very creative and diverse VR headset, and far different from the Oculus Rift or Sony’s VR headset.  This one tracks eye movements, versus head movements.  It uses infrared technology as well, something many gamers feel is very competitive to say the least!  The realism that can be gained beats out competitors.
    6. Microsoft Holo Lens: This unit is considered one of the most ideal, and using Kinect technology to operate.  Further, it functions on Windows 10 and gamers find the VR is seamless and enjoyable.  Users have the freedom to move about when they are wearing this gear, possibly heightening the almost real world experience.
    Of course, there are more headsets out there and many have their own opinion on which are the most favored and which operate the best as well.  This list should give you some ideas on what to expect and which devices are going to meet your expectations fully.  In the end, it really is a matter of gaming opinion!

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